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psychic shaman chicago arturo edan munoz reiki akashic records

 Creating change in our lives begins with engaging ourselves on soul level and making choices to evolve consciously through personal awareness, constructive, empowering action and commitment to showing up from that place. All sessions serve to help you connect and source from your own inner wisdome to help you navigate whatever may be unfolding in your world. These sessions and spiritual art forms are extensions of my personal practice which is constantly evolving and growing. All sessions serve to hold a sacred container in which you can explore, heal, play, feel and open yourself to the infinite, quanntum potential possibilties  all areas of your life. All sessions, products, classes, and events are shared with the purpose of assisting you on your journey to live from your truth, purpose, joy, and the remembrance of who you are and what is possible when you are living from your most radiant and powerful self.

healing essentials
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We are proud to offer our very own line of  shamanic based healing essentials as well as an array of crystals, jewelry, natural resins, incense, chakra healing products, essential oils, healing mists and shamanic healing tools from Mexico, Peru, and other parts of the world. Our products and healing tools have been intimitaely chosen or created  with the needs of modern day healers, seekers and evolving souls in mind. These vibrational healing tools empower you to access, discover, heal and work with your authentic, inner power. Our philosophy is set on teaching you how to use these tools to help you align, co-create and manifest in harmony with the Universe via your personal connection to SPIRIT.

upcoming events
psychic shaman chicago arturo edan munoz reiki akashic records

All classes,  workshops, retreats and events are designed to help you connect, learn, heal,  experience and explore your authentic Self as an extension of Spirit. These offerings have been channeled into form to empower the modern soul by guiding you inward to connect and learn how to integrate metaphysical, shamanic and energetic healing art forms and ancient wisdom teachings into practical, empowering practices for personal growth, evolution, real world integration and social impact. The vision and evolution of these Wisdom Teachings continues to evolve and is currently expanding to have global reach via my intent to share everything that Spirit has shared with me.

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Utilizing ancient spiritual art forms for divination, healing, and empowerment

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1656 W Wallen . Chicago IL 60626   ©2016-2017 Amara Sophia Munoz / Spirit Dreamer Healing Studio

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