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About Ana

I am a daughter, a sister, a mother, a granddaughter, a colleague, a healer to all those around me. It was at the age of 14 that I understood that I was not like the rest of my family, siblings & friends.


At a young age i have been intuitive. For most of my teenage years I was fascinated with my heritage, "curanderismo", "hierbas", honoring/respecting my elder teachings & staying strong. My hunger for spiritual knowledge has lead me to learn more about the super natural, the state of mind, traveling and understanding the person whom I have evolved into. Today, I can truly say that all my life, on its own has been a journey!


With time I have been able to put all of my knowledge into works by healing family, friends & myself. Furthermore, I come from a strong lineage of “Healers” whom have showed me the way thru practice or guided by spirit. In addition, it has been a privileged to help other souls embrace their nature’s gift. Now, I can truly say that i do the work I love best.

In 2012, I was introduced to Arturo E. Munoz, the owner of the Spirit Dreaming Healing Studio. We both shared the Shamanism way of living, interest & vision to help clients. On April, 2014 I attended The Four Winds- Light Body School-“The South” class that have facilitate my practice with clients. It has been this studio where spirit has made way to carry my apprenticeship as a healer today.


Reiki Energy HealingSession

60 min session


Reiki, is a practice developed by the Japanese to promote personal growth and spirituality. Reiki is not a religion practice nor does it invade your religious beliefs. On the contrary, it helps promote self-healing energetically on the self.

Reiki sessions help bring balance to your mind body spirit. During your sessions I create sacred space and I align myself to my higher self to chanel energy healing over the energetic and physical body. This helps relieve stress, shift stangnant energy and help heal psychic wounds. 

From the air we breathe, the plants we eat, the stones used to create our home, all of our surrounding contain energy. Reiki can help relieve stress, pain, anger or any other traumatic life experiences that have caused a energetic imbalance. We work together for 1 hour to re-aligning the flow of your body’s energy field.



Shamanic Illumination
Healing Session

A 60 minute Session


Shamanic Illumination:

The Shamanic Illumination process consists of using Mother Earth’s natural gifts as tools in determining where you carry old stories, stagnant energy, and wounding in your Illuminous energy body. These unhealed psychic wounds cause misalignment within our mind, body spirit connection, often causing us to repeat the same patterns.

During sessions we work to  track the stories that lie on the illuminous body that are causing pain/suffering, illness & emotional distress. As you acknowledge these old patterns your will be guided to shed away all that no longer serves your purpose.


I will channel healing energy and help shift energy blockages; imbalances, stagnant foces, etc. to bring the collective soul back into Oneness.

Aura Cleansing Session

Intuitive Work:

60 minute Session

I invite you to try a personalized ceremony that will cleanse your aura. Restoring your faith, straighten your energy; cleanse your Aura & breaking any hexes.


The Aura is your energy field that extends beyond your body. When you come in contact with people, places or objects we are most likely to not be sorrounded with positive energy. The greater time you spend in these unhealthy  sorrounding the more I encourage you to cleanse your Aura.


Highly recommended:

  •      In a toxic enviroment

  •      When you are ill

  •      When you have problems, suffering and stress.


During this process I will connect with my ancestors to help restore your luminous body by the usage of continuous prayers. At the end of the session you will be cleansed with Agua Florida.



Angel Reading

Intuitive Work:

60 minute reading

I connect with the Archangel Michael, spirit guides, my lineage as well as with your lineage to assist during the reading. They assist in bringing light to questions, direction, advise or spirituality.


Walking with true Love, Self Love & Give Love...


All reading are different, empowering & healing to the soul. Only you have the power to continue the course you are on or make the needed changes.


Only you have control to fullfill your lifes purpose....

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