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Just like you have a physical body, you also have an energetic body - and just like you have physical organs - you have energetic centers that serve to process and move the energy of life through the magnititude of the experience we call life.  Our chakras are the energetic centers that we experience life through. 

These spiritual healing tools were created to help you reset, heal, strengthen, connect and reattune your chakra system to help you come into alignment with your original life force energy  today's modern day spiritual warriors connection to thier creative life force centers (chakras)

Our chakra bath salts have been created with  corresponding essential oils, essences and imported salt from the dead sea to help you reset the energy of your chakra system, and attune yourself to that which your are set on creating in your life. Each chakra bath salt set contains the step by step instructions to help you enter into sacred space to re-write whatever story or energetic blockge you are working through to one that is a better fit.


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