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Voudou: Sacred Powers of Haiti @ Field Museum

I deeply enjoyed my time with the hauntingly beautiful #Vodou : Sacred Power of Haiti exhibit at the @ The Field Museum today. The exhibit was very well done and powerfully reaffirming of my personal understanding that all shamanic lineages have nearly identical ways of connecting/utilizing/opening portals to the Earths energy field, the power of the primordial elements and the spirit realms/dimensions . the beauty of Haiti's unique lineage, mythos, shamanic approach, initiatory processes, and specific ways of connecting and carrying forward their teachings was so beautiful to see. I could feel the Spirits connecting, playing and guiding me the whole time- I even felt some of them helping me release something from my shoulders energetically (that was an interest lesson in trusting and allowing lol). At a few parts throughout the exhibit they had original vintage black and white video footage as well as video interviews with modern day Vodou priests/esses, which allowed a look into the ancient practices, ceremonies and displays of spirit trance / possession which really spoke to me and which I could relate to - especially seeing things that Voudou priests would do that I have personally witnessed Peruvian shamans (Andean and Amazonian) do as well. The branches of lineages are many but I can see more than ever that the body of wisdom that is being tapped into is all the same. A great reminder that at the root of all paths, we truly are all One. This exhibit was a powerful journey into the history of both the power and the struggle of those who kept their connection to their history and spiritual practices alive despite centuries of displacement, slavery, violence, suffering and oppression. Definitely a must see! Especially for those who have their own unique connection to any branch of shamanic, spiritualist, or magickal paths 😎 #myshamanicjourney #vodou #africanshamanism #fieldmuseum #haiti #spiritdreamerhealingstudio

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