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Tapping Into the Infinite...

......Today during yoga practice I tapped into this really cool part of me. I went into the place where my infinite potential exists. I could feel the trees, and the animals and these crazy visions filled my mind and I was made aware of my natural ability to tap into things. When I tap into things I feel and see maps, instructions, and I hear words in my mind that aren't my own- but that feel like they are being spoken to me. I want to spend forever in that place, but it's dizzying, like I can only fly with it for a bit before i need to come down and write it or share it or do something with it. If I don't I feel like I'm committing a sin or something weird- like - how could I see and feel things that are so powerful and precious and do nothing with them?..... I'm receiving visions for the studio, my personal healing work, workshops, yoga, soulful get togethers, collaborations, creative invitations, colors, words, feelings. It feels so good, like I'm hooked into this amazing station of inspiration and good vibes. I feel like I can tap into the energy of Spring and feel everything that is meant to blossom. Behind this powerful and intense feeling there is also a knowing that I'm meant to help people and get them into feeling this part of themselves too- to create, explore, feel, heal, know, and understand their part in the same big picture that I've tapped into. So cool <3


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